Alternatives to ghostwriting for the bachelor thesis and master thesis

But let’s be honest: It should be clear what a student aims for when he hires a ghostwriting agency, or even legal niggles. It may well be allowed to have the ghostwriter create a “template” or “study” for their own bachelor thesis or master thesis.

But would not that be morally problematic? Have you paid expensive tuition for years and squeezed yourself into crowded lecture halls to end up with unfamiliar feathers?

That does not have to be and many universities offer worthwhile alternatives. This happens, for example, in the form of preparatory courses that lead you step by step to the big goal. During such preparation, the student has ample opportunity to gain an overview of the potential topic area, to design an outline and to set up an individual timetable.

Thus, most of the planning would already be done before it really starts. Only after completion of the preliminary work does the work need to be registered and the clock starts to run.

In addition, legal services such as rewriting or editing a bachelor thesis (there is also language optimization for a master’s thesis) can help students who have already written something on paper who do not rate the linguistic quality of their work as good enough are grateful for scientific feedback on their work, even if they have to make the changes themselves.

Ghostwriting Prevention

University of Manchester, for example, prepares students for typical challenges with the help of intensive courses, to which authors of Bachelor theses are usually assigned. Thus, a writer’s block can be overcome by techniques are taught to master this. These include, for example, writing courses in which the student learns to make meaningful use of the jargon and to formulate it in a manner that is appropriate to the target, precise and comprehensible.

Furthermore, in these courses you will learn how to work in a goal-oriented and results-oriented manner (for example, by practicing and bibliographies), to argue logically, to separate facts and evaluations, and finally to critically evaluate one’s own results. 

As you can see, there are worthwhile alternatives for hiring a ghostwriter. The University of Manchester is no exception. While certain aspects of academic ghostwriting may be legal, it is illegal to spend a foreign text as one’s own performance.

In view of the risk of discovery and the grave consequences, each student should therefore think twice about the matter.

Also, is not it nice to say you wrote the bachelor thesis or master thesis on your own?

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