How Long is a Short Essay

How Long is a Short Essay The model concerning passage length rotates around many certainties that help that center thought and a closing sentence When thinking about to what extent is a short exposition, you have to think about the subject. On the off chance that you are composing a science paper, at that point, […]


Ghostwriting is at the latest since the plagiarism allegations against the ministers Guttenberg (2011) and Schavan (2013) were ruchbar nationwide, no longer denying. Newly submitted scientific texts, regardless of whether they are a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation, are subject to a general suspicion from the outset. If the given academic achievement was also […]

Legal issues about ghostwriting

The commissioning of a ghostwriter in itself is still harmless. It is only illegal to spend a foreign scientific work as one’s own achievement. That is against the law. Here are some details. How does a ghostwriting order come about? Such an agreement is based on the freedom of contract in Germany. Strictly speaking, this […]

Alternatives to ghostwriting for the bachelor thesis and master thesis

But let’s be honest: It should be clear what a student aims for when he hires a ghostwriting agency, or even legal niggles. It may well be allowed to have the ghostwriter create a “template” or “study” for their own bachelor thesis or master thesis. But would not that be morally problematic? Have you paid […]